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What is the Chicago Community Kollel?

The Chicago Community Kollel is an institute for advanced Torah Studies operating out of a beautiful new facility in West Rogers Park. It is committed to serving the educational and spiritual needs of all Jews in the Greater Chicago area, and through our website, Jews the world over.


What is a kollel?

A kollel is a generic term describing a center of Torah learning where a group of married men pursue full-time post graduate work in Talmudic law. There are kollels in most major cities in America and around the world. There are literally hundreds of kollels in Israel.


What is a community kollel?

A community kollel is a kollel which serves the greater Jewish community in which it is based. Besides the core group of men who learn full-time during the day, members of the community are invited to learn one on one with a member of the kollel over lunch break or in the evening, or to attend classes given at the kollel or at other locations.






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Our History
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